I've been upgraded to a plague? Oh, how biblical and fitting, seeing as I probably will kill a lot of people in an epic, all-inclusive way once I’m out of here.
— Silas to Bonnie in Home

Silas (Ancient Greek: Σίλας or Σιλουανός, Latin: Silvanus), also known as the world's first immortal being or the world's first immortal man, was a very powerful warlock of the Traveler subculture and the co-creator of the Immortality Spell alongside Qetsiyah. Silas became one of the world's first immortal beings along with his true love and soulmate, Amara, the oldest known ancestor of the Petrova family or bloodline. He was the big bad of the fourth season and of the first part of the fifth season.

In recent times, Silas tricked Atticus Shane into helping him to get out of his tomb. He then finally did so when Jeremy Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett found the tomb and freed him, who were both hoping to take the cure and use it on Elena Gilbert, but had fed on and killed Jeremy thanks to Katherine. However, Qetsiyah also came back to life with the unintentional help of Bonnie, one of her distant descendants, and managed to stop him from succeeding, saving the Other Side, and then to finally send him to The Other Side when Stefan killed him, the very purgatory he was trying to destroy.As a result of dying and not being able to destroy the Other Side so that he could be with Amara in true death and find peace, Silas ended up stuck with Qetsiyah in supernatural purgatory forever (because he is a witch) while Amara died and found true peace in the afterlife (because she is a human), which means that Silas is separated from Amara for all time, making the forbidden love between Silas and Amara even more forbidden and tragic. At the very end of season five, Silas was seen being sucked into oblivion and it is still unclear or unknown whether or not he reunited with Amara in true death.

Silas is arguably the most pivotal character in the entire series, as it is his actions that shaped the future and the destiny of almost all of the characters in the series. His relationships with both Amara and Qetsiyah, which formed the fist love triangle in the series' universe, also played a huge role in shaping history, as it was the actions of these three that lead to inception of immortality, the creation of the Other Side, and all the consequences wrought from them.. Silas, along with Amara, were the only two people in the series universe to ever become truly immortal, resulting in them being the longest lived persons in history at over 2,000 years old. Silas was the oldest male character in the series universe, being 1,000+ years older than the Original males such as Elijah and Klaus. Before becoming truly immortal, Silas was supposedly an extremely powerful Traveler witch and was one of the most powerful witches of all time, rivaled only by Qetsiyah (who is also frequently referred to as one of the most powerful witches of all time) and while he was an Immortal, he was arguably the most powerful being ever to appear in the series universe and on the show. He was the main villain or antagonist of Season Four and one of the main antagonists of the first chapter of Season Five.

Silas was the oldest known member and a very distant ancestor of the Salvatore Family and the progenitor of the Salvatore Doppelgänger bloodline.


Early HistoryEdit

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Silas over 2,000 years ago.

Silas (or Silvanus) was born some time during 1st Century B.C., during the Biblical Times. Over 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece, Silas was a young, gifted and extremely powerful witch who was a part of a group of very gifted witches called The Travelers. Silas desired immortality and wanted to create a spell for immortality. Silas was engaged to a beautiful young lady named Qetsiyah, who was also an extremely powerful witch and his best friend. Silas told Qetsiyah that he loved her and wanted to spend an eternity with her.

Qetsiyah ended up creating the spell of immortality out of love for Silas, believing that Silas loved her as well. However, this was not Silas true intention. Although Qetsiyah was deeply in love with Silas, Silas did not reciprocate her affections. Silas was strongly and passionately in love with another woman; a beautiful young woman named Amara. Silas and Amara's love was rather forbidden as Amara was the handmaiden to Qetsiyah and Silas was engaged to be married to Qetsiyah. Therefore, their love was kept secret between the two of them. Silas' love for Amara was so powerful and strong, that it inspired Silas to influence Qetsiyah into making an elixir that would allow him and Amara to live forever. Qetsiyah was unaware that he had no intention of spending eternity with her while she created the spell.

Unfortunately for Silas, he was trapped in a situation with Qestiyah, whom he was engaged to be married to. The immortality spell (elixir) in which Qetsiyah had created was to be consumed by both Silas and Qetsiyah on their wedding night. As Qetsiyah was waiting for Silas to join her at the altar, everything around Qetsiyah started to die, which indicated that Silas had betrayed Qetsiyah and that he was drinking the immortality elixir somewhere else. It was at this time that Silas and Amara had consumed the immortality elixir and had become the world's very first immortal beings. But this wasn't the worst of Silas' betrayal for Qetsiyah. Qetsiyah then tracked Silas down and discovered Silas and Amara, her own handmaiden together. Qetsiyah was strongly enraged when she discovered that Silas had loved Amara and not her and wanted to spend an eternity with Amara instead of her. Out of revenge, Qetsiyah created a Cure for immortality, found Amara, petrified her and faked her death. Silas discovered what Qetsiyah had "done" and was completely devastated, changing the life and the fate of the young witch forever.

Qetsiyah then imprisoned Silas with the cure for immortality on a desolate Island deep in an underground cave. Silas had two choices: take the cure, die a mortal death and be with Qetsiyah for eternity on The Other Side or rot, starve and desiccate as an immortal in darkness for eternity. Qetsiyah had hoped that Silas would take the cure, die and join her on The Other Side, a purgatory for supernatural beings that she created in order to spend eternity with him. However, Silas knew that this was her intention and therefore, he chose to desiccate and starve instead. For two millenniums, Silas had lain buried, awaiting the day when someone would free him.

Recent HistoryEdit


Shane sees Silas as his dead wife.

Centuries later, a group of miners created a well above Silas' tomb. This allowed them to experience a mysterious "magic" that came from below that allowed them to see their lost loved ones. However, it required them to sacrifice blood. They were all found bled out (this means they may have sacrificed too much blood to maintain their reunions with their loved ones and died). A group of college kids had come to the island for spring break. A few weeks later, they were all found dead and drained of their blood (they were more than likely sacrificed by someone to feed Silas). In 2009, Atticus Shane ventured to the island to locate the well.  Shane spilled his blood in order to see his wife Caitlin again. He was then told what is needed in order to raise Silas, who could in turn revive her and his son, Sam.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit

In We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, Professor Shane tells his students the story of the world's very first immortal, Silas, and his extremely tragic fate, as well as a legend that mentions his return. His tombstone is donated to Whitmore College, but it is unknown who donated it. It is thought to be the world's first tombstone.

Silas Headstone

Shane shows drawings of Silas along with his headstone.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Professor Shane tells Damon and Elena that he has already found the location of Silas' tomb. He repeats the story of Silas and Qetsiyah to Elena, and shows her Silas' Headstone. He also lies by telling her that Silas had created a Cure for immortality before he was imprisoned by Qetsiyah, and that he took the Cure with him; The Cure was actually created by Qetsiyah. To get the Cure, they must complete the map of the Hunter's Mark, which will also reveal a spell to enter Silas' tomb, where Silas and the Cure were hidden.

In After School Special, Silas is mentioned by Shane when he is being interrogated by Kol and Rebekah, the latter of whom is in search of The Cure. He explains, "Silas will revive those who are sacrificed to bring him back." Kol is shocked at the mention of Silas' name, which indicates that he knows about Silas. Kol is struck with fear and starts rambling to Rebekah on how Silas will kill them all and states that Silas would bring hell on earth. Kol then decides to kill Shane to make sure Silas cannot be unearthed, unaware that Bonnie cast a spell to protect Shane.

Unknown Being

Silas on the hunter's mark.

In Catch Me If You Can, Kol reveals that he had met a cult that worships Silas. They had revealed to him a prophecy in which Silas' return would result in "the end of all time."

In A View To A Kill, Elena requests a meeting with Kol to arrange a truce and discuss what Kol knows about Silas. He reveals he has traveled with many witches in his lifetime. The witches he met and traveled with in the 14th and 17th century knew about Silas. The witches he knew in 1900's New Orleans also did. All of them told him about the destruction Silas will bring if freed. This leads to Kol shooting down Elena's attempts to refute Silas' existence or power. This fear also leads to Kol betraying their truce by attempting to chop off Jeremy's arms so that the map on the Hunter's Mark will never be completed; which leads to his death at Jeremy's hands, with Elena's assistance.


Silas' tomb.

In Into the Wild, Silas is mentioned when Bonnie is looking at Jeremy's tattoos. She states that according to Shane, Silas asked Qetsiyah for help in a spell for immortality. When she found out Silas' plan to give immortality to another woman, she buried him, knowing that she couldn't kill him. Silas refused to give Qetsiyah the satisfaction of winning, so he stayed buried, not taking the Cure. The Five were created to kill vampires and find Silas. Once the members of The Five were to find Silas, they were to wake him, force him to take the Cure, and kill him. At the end of the episode, Shane had everything he needed and was on his way to freeing Silas.

Silas-Awakened (1)


In Down the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane go down to the bottom of the tomb to raise him. Bonnie cuts herself on the way down, and her blood drips down the hole onto Silas. When Bonnie does the spell, the floor partially caves in, pinning down Shane, which breaks his leg, and opening the tomb. Bonnie goes in with a plan to get the Cure, and leave Silas where he is, but he creates an illusion of Grams using a connection from the blood she dripped on him. Grams tries to convince her to free Silas.

Silas-Awakened (2)

Silas feeds on Jeremy.

Jeremy tells Bonnie that if her Grams were there he would be able to see her, and that Silas is messing with her mind. Bonnie realizes this is how Silas was able to control Shane with visions of his dead wife, Caitlin Shane. Bonnie and Jeremy reach Silas, and quickly realize he is fossilized with the Cure in his hands. Bonnie tells Jeremy that in order to get the Cure, they must feed him blood. They are attacked by Vaughn, who stabs Bonnie, and tries to force Jeremy to feed Silas. Katherine (pretending to be Elena) comes to his rescue and knocks Vaughn out, but instead of helping Bonnie, Katherine uses Jeremy to feed Silas. When Silas begins to move his arms, he grabs Jeremy's neck, taking his hands off of the box with the Cure, which allows Katherine to grab it and get away. Bonnie lays motionless on the ground, watching Jeremy be fed on when Silas snaps his neck. 


The mask of Silas.

In Stand By Me, Silas had removed his mask, and using some unknown abilities, took the form of Shane as he left his tomb. He also took Bonnie with him, healing her while creating an illusion that makes him appear to be Shane. He explained that everyone Shane had sacrificed would be brought back, but when Bonnie still didn't want to go along with his plan, Silas told her that Jeremy was drained of blood and killed. Bonnie, emotionally shattered by the news, started to lose control of her magic and Silas used this moment of vulnerability to tell her that she can bring Jeremy back. He explained that she needed to help Silas because when Silas became an immortal (a vampire), he lost his ability to do magic.


Bonnie and Silas.

He continued to say that the only reason Shane had been teaching Bonnie expression was so she could do Silas' work for him, since he was no longer a witch. He explained how Shane had completed the first two points of the Expression Triangle by orchestrating the death of 12 Town Council member's at Pastor Young's farm and the death of 12 hybrids in the underground tunnels below the old Lockwood Estate, and explained that there was still one more massacre left to complete the triangle. He justified the massacres by assuring her that the humans used would find peace and that the supernatural creatures used would be brought back. Bonnie still refused to help him, but Silas used her grief over Jeremy and her Grams against her, creating a vision of Jeremy asking for help. This gave Silas the power he needed over her to do his bidding.


Silas tells Bonnie that the humans that died were a necessary sacrifice.

Silas, sent Bonnie to Damon so she could be taken back home, where Bonnie told her friends of what "Shane" told her. She explained to her grief-stricken friends that to get Jeremy back she will have to complete the Expression Triangle, which had already begun to form thanks to Shane's earlier orchestrated massacres. Bonnie had learned from Silas that Qetsiyah had created The Other Side so if he did take the Cure and die of old age while buried, he would be trapped in that supernatural purgatory. This is what caused him to create his plan to be awoken; he wanted Bonnie (a descendant of Qetsiyah) to use the power of the Expression Triangle to destroy the veil separating the living world from the Other Side, which would bring back every dead supernatural being, and make the Other Side nonexistent. Then, he wanted to take the Cure and die so that he could be reunited with the woman he loved. Bonnie, who wanted to bring back Jeremy and Grams, tried to convince her friends to get on board by telling them that their dead supernatural friends and family could come back too, and that they just had to finish the triangle by killing 12 more people. The group was shocked that Bonnie was willing to kill 12 people to bring back their loved ones, which would also bring back all of their dead enemies who were vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids.

Silas, still posing as Shane, appeared when Bonnie returned home and asked her if she told her friends. When she told him of their unwillingness to help, he told her that they were just afraid. Meanwhile, on the island, Rebekah came across the real Shane, who she believed to be dead until he grabbed her and frantically muttered one word: "Silas."

In Bring It On, it was discovered that Silas had been taking entire blood bank stocks of blood from several hospitals in order to sate his hunger, having been desiccated and deprived of blood for 2,000 years. It is this discovery that causes Stefan to realize that Silas followed them back from the Island where they found him, and that he is in the Mystic Falls area.

Résumé-de-l’épisode-17-saison-4 -Because-the-Night-SIlas-Shane-Klaus

Silas attacks Klaus.

In Because the Night, Silas continued to try and harness Bonnie's expression. He had revealed to her that he was not really Shane, and she questioned why he wouldn't reveal his true form. Wanting to continue the charade of being Shane, Silas used his guise to convince Bonnie's father that she must continue her lessons with him in order to help her control her magic. He explained to Bonnie that the final part of the Expression Triangle they were forming required killing twelve witches. He told her that the witches would all link themselves together in an attempt to remove the expression from her being; he emphasized that she endure them until they were all linked, and once they did, she was to overpower them and kill them. His plan didn't go perfectly, however, due to interference from Caroline Forbes, who saw that Aja, the witch who was cleansing Bonnie, was about to kill her after learning of her involvement with Silas, and Caroline quickly stabs her, causing all twelve witches to die in succession. With the Expression Triangle completed, Silas had everything he needed to destroy The Other Side.

Silas stabs Klaus

After the triangle was completed, Silas confronted Klaus, now only needing The Cure to complete his plans. Klaus refused to give up its location (the Cure was in Katherine's possession; her plan was to use it to buy her freedom from Klaus,) and Silas threatened the hybrid, telling him to bring him the Cure. When Klaus refused, Silas revealed that he had gained possession of the White Oak Stake from an unknowing Rebekah. Klaus tried to attack him but Silas caught him off guard, stabbing the stake into his back, just below his heart. Silas snapped the tip of the stake off, leaving it embedded in Klaus' back before reminding him to bring him the cure and leaving the scene.

In American Gothic, Silas briefly appeared in the form of Caroline to taunt Klaus and get him to find the Cure. Later, it was revealed that Silas had not actually staked Klaus, but it was in fact an illusion in his mind that was so powerful it took Klaus' focusing solely on his anger and frustration toward Caroline in order to overcome it.



In Pictures of You, Silas appeared in Stefan's, Damon's, Jeremy's and in Rebekah's form, all in a ploy to get Bonnie on his side and get to maneuver his obstacles out of the way as he tries to secure the Cure from Elijah. He succeeds, in getting the cure, but fails to get Bonnie on his side. Silas tries to convince her that they should work together, But Bonnie gets angry and makes him get out of her head. Silas is then later confronted by an empowered Bonnie, who has embraced her magical powers and become confident in her abilities. At the end, a part of his face can be seen, looking scarred and disfigured. He explains that it is a punishment from Qetsiyah, which he referred to as "Qetsiyah's revenge"--if she couldn't have him, she didn't want anyone to be able to love him either.


Caroline and Klaus/Silas.

In She's Come Undone, Silas appears as Klaus to torment Caroline in order to find Bonnie, who is hiding from him while trying to come up with her own plan. When Caroline confesses she doesn't know where she is, Silas (still as Klaus) plants an illusion in her mind that he staked her in the heart. Then when Caroline wakes up, he appears as Matt and Klaus and then his monstrous form in the mirror of her car, while threatening to kill her mother if she doesn't help him find Bonnie. When Bonnie arrives at Caroline's house, she sees Silas posing as Sheriff Forbes and then returns to his disfigured form. Caroline runs to find her mother injured by Silas, and he warns Bonnie not to break her promise to destroy The Other Side. He tells her that her promise is binding and she must answer to him if she breaks it. He then tells her not to hide from him again.


Silas petrified.

In The Walking Dead, Silas realizes what Bonnie is planning to do, and causes Caroline to hallucinate that she must cut herself over and over. He takes Caroline's form in order to find her, pretending to be Caroline to Stefan as well until he can get Bonnie alone. When he does, he taunts her by revealing that she never gained the ability to force him out of her head. He's been manipulating her the whole time, including making her believe that he was a deformed monster. He tells her that Qetsiyah will never come to help her put him down, and that she either has the choice of destroying the veil, and allowing the supernatural dead to walk the earth, or have Silas walking the earth. He then causes Bonnie to believe that she was suffocating from lack of oxygen, before going to Damon in the form of Alaric in order to get Damon to convince her to help. However, Damon's knowledge of the tunnel routes allows him to realize it was Silas. He attacks Silas, and holds him in chains, with Bonnie coming to attack him before he could react.Bonnie then used Expression to petrify him. Stefan and Damon then planned to dump his body in the ocean, and Alaric helps Damon put Silas' body into the trunk of his car and hands Damon the Cure from Silas' pocket.

Vampire-Diaries-Staffel-4-Finale-Stefan-ist-Silas-Doppelgaenger article 600x348

Silas and Stefan.

In Graduation, it's revealed that Silas was freed from his stone encasement when Bonnie died, after she closed the veil along with her ghost. Silas tells Stefan that nature needed a loophole for him to be an immortal who could never truly die: a shadow self - a doppelgänger - who turns out to be Stefan. Silas shows his true form, which is exactly the same as Stefan's. Silas stabs Stefan and asks him if he knows what it feels like to be starved for 2,000 years before locking Stefan in a safe and dumping him at the bottom of the quarry.

Season-5-First-Images (3)

Silas uses mind control on a crowd

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Stefan had been trapped in the safe for three months while Silas continued to grow stronger. Over the course of the summer, Silas drank vast amounts of blood, drinking from the people of Mystic Falls casually before wiping their memories that he was ever even there. Later, he continued moving around freely in his true form, tricking Damon into believing he was Stefan and reading Damon's thoughts to find the location of Katherine Pierce until he touched Jeremy, whose remnants of the Hunter's Mark could sense that it was Silas. He left, going to the Salvatore house where a now cured Katherine was taking a bath. He initially pretended to be Stefan until he let slip who he was. She fled, getting Jeremy and Damon to help her escape. Silas spoke with Damon, bringing up the fact that Stefan was missing and telling him that he'd only bring him to Stefan's location if he got Jeremy to bring Katherine back. Damon called Jeremy, deciding to comply with Silas' demands but Katherine escaped Jeremy, much to Silas' annoyance. He then went to the gathering in the town square where Rudy Hopkins was giving a speech. At that moment, Silas decided to reveal himself, explaining to the town that he had gained a lot of strength through his blood-letting in the summer and though he was once limited to only getting into one person's head at a time, he could now control a whole town square. He psychically commanded them all to stay where they were as he viciously slit Mayor Hopkins' throat in front of the town and Bonnie's ghost, completing his vow that Bonnie would suffer for breaking her promise to drop the veil to the Other Side, before ordering them all to find Katherine for him.

Silas impales Jeremy TVD 5x02

Silas fight with Jeremy and shows his physical capabilities.

In True Lies, while those he mind controlled hunted Katherine, Silas found Elena at Whitmore College using his abilities to convince her that he was Stefan. When he got a message from one of his mind controlled slaves that Katherine had been spotted on Route 9, he asked Elena, under the pretense of looking for Jeremy who was with Katherine, where they would be going. Elena told him about an old campground their family used to go to and Silas left, implanting a psychic command in Elena to kill Damon before he left. Arriving at the campground, he confronted Matt Donovan but discovered his abilities didn't work on him, and when he pried into Matt's mind saw that a group he was familiar with, The Travelers, had already manipulated Matt's mind to see through and spy on Silas. Annoyed by the inconvenience, he snapped Matt's neck, killing him. Jeremy found Matt's body and Silas, who had figured out that the Gilbert Ring must be what could bring Matt back to life. Jeremy, mustering all his courage, stood up to Silas, telling him that because he was a member of The Five, none of Silas' psychic abilities worked on him either, and that he knew that Silas wasn't as strong or fast as a vampire. Picking up a hatchet, Jeremy attacked him and the two fought rather evenly for a moment until Jeremy got the upper hand. Silas admitted that he wasn't quite as strong as Jeremy but his immortality did give him an edge, skewering himself while Jeremy was grappled to his back, impaling Jeremy as well. Silas was then struck by shotgun rounds from Katherine, immobilizing him long enough for Jeremy, Matt, and Katherine to escape. Silas made his way to a local store, commanding the clerk to cut his wrist and bleed into a cup so Silas could drink his blood and recharge his energy. At that moment, he was approached by the Travelers who intended to incapacitate and re-imprison him as their history dictated they should. One of them, Nadia, killed the other, saying that she had her own agenda and needed Silas free.

Silas 10 TVD 5x03

Silas just before losing his psychic powers.

In Original Sin, Silas tried to have Nadia prove herself further despite her killing Gregor in front of him. He wanted her to find Matt Donovan, take off the Gilbert Ring, and kill him for good to show her loyalty. Unknown to Silas, Stefan had been rescued from the quarry by Qetsiyah, who had returned from The Other Side when Bonnie had lowered the veil, as her hunter's of The Five had failed to kill Silas. Nadia then pursued Katherine, having her own agenda with her and managed to capture her, but Silas tracked them down, suspecting Nadia's ulterior motives. He told Nadia to put her gun to her own chest and was about to make her kill herself but was suddenly stopped by a mental attack. Qetsiyah, having told Stefan of her and Silas' history, was linking Stefan and Silas together which would cut off Silas' psychic abilities. The spell worked and caused Silas a great amount of pain, giving Nadia and Katherine time for an escape. Having lost his power, Silas realized that Qetsiyah was back, calling Nadia and telling her to hold up the end of their deal. He then spoke to Katherine, telling her why he wanted her; her blood was now the Cure.

Silas 6 TVD 5x05

Silas meets with "Tessa" after 2000 years.

In Monster's Ball, Silas tracked Damon down at a Whitmore College ball that was being held and told him that he needed him to kill Stefan and then explained a plan that would be able to help them figure out what Tessa, the name Qetsiyah had gone under, was up to and where the anchor, keeping The Other Side around was. Damon wanted to exchange Silas with Bonnie on The Other Side. The reason Damon needed to kill Stefan was that by breaking Stefan's neck and temporarily killing him, the link Tessa had placed between Silas and Stefan that had given one amnesia and made the other lose his psychic abilities, would be broken temporarily. He wanted to have his powers back long enough to get inside Tessa's head, counting on her believing she was speaking to Stefan and being off guard since she had once loved a man with the same face. His plan went well at first, being able to manipulate Qetsiyah psychically while Damon killed Stefan multiple times to keep the link broken. When Stefan would awaken, Silas would receive a great pain until Stefan was "killed" again but after a few deaths, Stefan had grown tired of what he thought was his brother's personal vendetta and fought back, breaking Damon's neck instead. He then went to Tessa, revealing that she had been speaking to Silas the whole time. Furious with her former lover, Qetsiyah used her magic to manipulate Silas' heart, stopping the blood from coursing through his body and desiccating him. Damon brought Silas' body to the Salvatore house when Katherine arrived at his call. Upon seeing Silas' body, she believed she had escaped death once again but Damon attacked her, feeding her and her blood to Silas just as she had done to Jeremy on the island, raising Silas as he drained her of her blood while at the same time he was drinking the cure in her bloodstream. Silas was then cured and returned to his former state of being a witch.

Silas 5 TVD 5x06

Silas at the warehouse where he finds Amara.

In Handle with Care, as Silas agreed to bring Bonnie back to life and knew the anchor's location, he told Damon and Jeremy to go with him on a road-trip to a warehouse where the anchor is hidden by the Travelers. He found out that the anchor is not an object but a person. In a tall wooden crate, Amara, his one-true love, was the anchor to the Other Side. Silas was deceived by Qetsiyah that she cured Amara and brutally slaughtered her. In fact, Qetsiyah desiccated her and bound her to the Other Side, so it would prevail eternally as Amara is truly immortal and indestructible. Silas gave her some blood and took her out from the warehouse. Both shared a moment of romantic reunion. A moment later, Amara grabbed a piece of broken glass and stabbed into Silas' neck and drained his blood which was fusing with the cure, confessing that she could not live another day.

Silas and Amara last moment

Silas and Amara last moments.

In Death and the Maiden, a wounded Silas, picked up Damon's call and broke his promise to resurrect Bonnie. He had a new plan to kill Amara. As Amara became mortal and could be killed, the Other Side would no longer exist; therefore, Amara and him could spend eternity in the afterlife. When Silas knew Qetsiyah's scheme that she would make Bonnie as the replacement for Amara, Silas stopped the ritual and wounded Qetsiyah. Later, he received a call from his doppelgänger - Stefan that he captured Amara as the hostage. Stefan successfully lured him out. In the woods, Silas found Amara tied to a tree. Amara told him that she wanted to die and Silas understood her decision. As Silas was cutting Amara's throat, Stefan intervened and they had a fight and he dropped his knife. Stefan threw the knife into Silas' chest, killing him.

In HomeEnzo enlists Silas as the Traveler who could teach them the spell which could bring the dead back to life. He teaches Bonnie how to do the spell so that she could teach Liv Parker. Silas plans to return and arrogantly gloats to Bonnie about how he would cause havoc on the world once again. However, before the spell can start, the darkness starts to drag Enzo and Silas into oblivion. They hold on to trees to prevent themselves from getting sucked away. Bonnie saves Enzo and tries to reach Silas. However, as he is about to catch her hand, she pulls it back and lets Silas disappear into oblivion, getting final revenge for her father's death. It is unknown if Silas was able to pass onto the afterlife to reunite with Amara or is destroyed for good.


1st century B.C. (1st Time Witch)

During and after exposure of the story of the first immortal (Silas), Atticus Shane describes part of the true nature of Silas. Shane says "Maybe we should be afraid". Shane describes Silas in three ways, at first, he found his true love, and was very happy. After the death of his loved one, he becomes very dangerous and malicious. This is evident by Kol's fear at the mention of his name. He describes Silas' return to the world as "Hell on Earth".

In Original Sin, through flashbacks Silas is shown to be a manipulative but relatively normal person. He was a good friend and the fiancé of Qetsiyah, however, he did not hesitate to take advantage of the affection she had for him for his own purposes.

Present Time (2nd Time Witch)

After taking the Cure, Silas felt like a new man. He was beside himself with the pleasure of having his old powers back, and also at the prospect of finally being able to die after 2,000 years. Despite his age, Silas exhibits a rather twisted sense of humor akin to that of a modern day man, as seen when he makes jokes about the people he's killed or harmed on his quest to terminate himself.

Even his ghost is sadistic and ruthless when stating he was weirdly amused watching an 80 year old witch get sucked in to oblivion as his reason for being late to meet Bonnie and Enzo, and even said he would slaughter many people once resurrected, though he was saying this in a joking manner rather being serious, though the fact jokes about such things shows a morbid sense of humor. Bonnie calls him a plague, much to his delight before being sucked into oblivion.

"That's what I wanted you to think. I can make you see whatever I want. Am I a disfigured monster? Of course not. The monster is what I wanted you to see. That's the beauty of all this: you have no idea who I am. Or what I look like. Or how deep I am inside of your head. You thought that you were more powerful than me? I'm stronger than you can imagine. I defeated the Hunter's Curse in minutes. You thought that you could betray me? You can't. I will always be one step ahead. "
—Silas to Bonnie in The Walking Dead

Silas is shown to be very manipulative, as during his time in which he was desiccated, he placed illusions in people's minds in order to get them to help free him from his prison. He later uses illusions once again in order to manipulate Klaus into believing that he had a piece of the White Oak Stake in his chest in order to try to get him to help Silas get the Cure. He later torments Caroline to find Bonnie who was hiding from him, even going as far as threatening Sheriff Forbes' life, and going on a killing spree.

Like many vampires, especially the ancient ones, Silas is ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. He breaks Jeremy's neck moments after feeding from him, and showed no remorse for the lives lost in order to complete the Expression Triangle, (although he did hint at it during the witch massacre). Likewise, he did not care about mentally torturing Klaus in order to get him to do what he wants.

However, Silas has shown to be willing to negotiate with people. He also appears to be very clever when speaking with others. His arguments were able to help him gain Bonnie's trust, despite killing her friend. He also attempts to get Klaus to help him through a deal, before resorting to more extreme measures after Klaus' refusal.

What seems to be one of Silas' most defining traits is his apparent death wish. By his own admission, Silas wishes to take the Cure, so that he can die and be reunited with his human lover. Silas uses as a justification the fact that every man should want to know peace, for the humans sacrificed in his name.

Silas is not above killing innocent people to achieve his goals. Although he had previously stolen blood from several blood banks to re-energize, he more recently drained 5 hospital patients of blood, due to the hospital no longer keeping a blood bag supply, in anticipation of Bonnie casting the spell to drop the veil to The Other Side.

Silas' overall personality and unhinged mental state may have been the result of 2,000 years of starvation and desiccation along with the belief that his one true love was butchered, before that, he may have been quite moral though since little of him before he became immortal is shown, it is not known what kind of man he was though Qetsiyah says he wasn't always a monster, Qetsiyah herself is also mentally unhinged and her actions contributed towards Silas' personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit


A part of Silas scarred form.

His ability to make others see whatever form he chooses has resulted in his true form being unknown. It was thought that Silas' true face was greatly deformed and covered in scar tissue, however, he revealed to Bonnie that that was merely another illusion, used to lull her into a false sense of security.

When Bonnie and Jeremy found him he seemed to be in such a desiccated state that he was fossilized. His skin appeared to be very dark/black, apparently from all the dirt accumulated on him as well as being mummy-like because he has had no blood. His face was covered with a fossilized iron mask and most of his body was covered with intertwining vines and roots. Also, his eyes appeared to be white from the blood consumption.

Silas 3 TVD 5x06

The true form of Silas.

In Graduation he reveals his true form, which is identical to Stefan. Silas has a handsome appearance with a pale complexion, a broad forehead, strong bone structure (angular jawline), deep-set, forest green eyes, a straight nose and a well-formed mouth. Silas is about the same height as Stefan and he has a lean physique similar to that of his doppelgänger.

In his scarred form, Silas was wearing a long black robe with hood, designed to hide his deformity, while in its true form, Silas has adopted the clothing and hairstyle of his doppelgänger, Stefan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immortals possess supernatural physical as well as psychic abilities. Although they are the first vampiric lifeforms to exist, their physical abilities e.g. their strength and speed etc. are noticeably inferior to that of vampires created from Esther's ritual, and do not increase over time. Their psychic powers grow stronger with human blood and by honing them over time.

  • Immortality - The act of not aging, or succumbing to any human illnesses. Unlike all other known immortals, including vampires and the Original Vampires, Immortals are truly and unconditionally immortal and cannott be killed by any weapon.
  • Silas impales Jeremy TVD 5x02

    Silas impales himself without consequences

    Super Durability - Immortals can take a great amount of damage.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor - As they have unconditional immortality, Immortals heal despite any level of damage on their bodies. They can snap their finger bones back into place after being broken, and have been seen to fully recover from gunshots, stab wounds, snapped necks, and torso impalement. A steady diet of blood allows for an even faster healing factor.
  • Advanced Immunity - Being truly and unconditionally immortal, Immortals are immune to all known weaknesses of regular Vampires. They're immune to wooden weapons, sunlight, vervain, and the bite of a werewolf and are able to walk freely in a home without being invited first. It is unknown if decapitation or heart extraction would have had any effect on them, although it is highly unlikely as their bodies are supposedly completely indestructible.
  • Season-5-First-Images (3)

    Silas controls a crowd through his psychic powers.

    Psychic Powers - Immortals possess various psychic abilities. Only members of The Five are immune to all of Silas' mental powers, as they were spelled to be immune from mind control against all Vampires. Beings who bear a Passenger within are also, to a certain extent, immune to such powers. Even a Witch as powerful as Qetsiyah opted not to directly confront Silas while he still had access to his mental powers; which is why she had to locate his doppleganger, Stefan, first in order to nullify them.
    • Illusions - Possibly their most threatening ability, Immortals have the power to create powerful illusions. They are able to use these illusions on anyone they desire no matter how powerful. The ability to cause illusions also allows a form of shapeshifting, since they can cause beings to believe that they are seeing the Immortal in the form of another. They can be used on multiple people in multiple locations simultaneously. They can keep themselves at a physically safe distance while casting illusions. The illusions have been proven sufficient against many vampires capable of brute force. Silas for example once made these illusions convincing enough to actually make an Original like Klaus believe that he's on the verge of death after Silas made him perceive himself getting stabbed in the back with the indestructible White Oak Stake, and it wasn't until he experienced great emotional upheaval with Caroline Forbes that Klaus was able to break himself free from it.
    • Voice Mimicry - When they use their illusions to appear as someone else, Immortals are able to change their voice to whatever they want, using their voice in addition to their appearance.
    • Telepathy - Immortals have the ability to read the thoughts and memories of another person. However, there seems to be a limit to how fast they can fully read someone's mind, as Silas failed to realize that Damon was on to him until it was too late.
    • Dream Manipulation - Immortals can control dreams and subconscious. Immortals can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming.
    • Psychic Pain Infliction - Similar to witches, with their illusions and telepathic powers, Immortals are able to inflict illusion psychic pain on their victims as shown when Silas attacked Klaus and Caroline. By extension of this power, Silas made Bonnie think she was suffocating to death, as a psychic illusion to her body.
    • Mind Compulsion - Immortals have the ability to control minds, plague people's dreams, and erase humans and other supernatural being's memories, even without eye contact, and even to extremely powerful witches such as Qetsiyah, even while they are on vervain. They are even able to control entire crowds and from a distance with relative ease. After Silas died, it appeared as none of the humans he compelled had remembered him revealing that as another unique ability to immortals as opposed to when a vampire dies or an original is daggered and the person(s) compulsion is undone.
Silas chokes jeremy

Silas grabs Jeremy's neck and snaps it

  • Enhanced Strength - As a consequence of unconditional immortality, Immortals have greater than average human strength that makes them stronger than most humans, with strength enhanced to being about equal to that of the hunters of the Brotherhood of the Five. Silas broke Jeremy Gilbert's neck with one hand effortlessly, even while in a desiccated state. However, their strength is not on par with that of regular vampires, as the latter grow stronger with age unlike Immortals.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - Immortals possess superhuman agility, flexibility, and dexterity. They can move, jump, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion.
  • Enhanced Senses - Immortals have keen senses of hearing, sight and smell that exceed those of humans, but are inferior to that of regular Vampires.


Despite being truly immortal and being incredibly powerful in their own right, Immortals have some weaknesses:

  • Desiccation - Immortals who abstain from blood for extended amounts of time will eventually desiccate into mummification.
  • SilasStoned

    Silas petrified

    Magic - Immortals are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft. Qetsiyah was able to bury and immobilize Silas in a tomb while Bonnie Bennett had temporarily petrified him. Qetsiyah also calcified Amara and anchored her to The Other Side. In addition, the Hunter's Curse can affect an Immortal although the effect will only be temporary.
  • The Cure - If an Immortal takes the cure, they will become human and mortal again. If they were a witch, then they would return to being a witch, and a hybrid would return to being a werewolf. However the cure is gone as both Silas and Amara are dead.
  • Doppelgängers - Silas and Amara's biggest weaknesses. As Dopplegangers were created to balance the existence of Immortals within nature, they can be used to invoke linking spells that bind them to other dopplegangers, both previous and next. If a powerful Witch is able to link an Immortal with their respective Doppleganger, it will take away their mental abilities, leaving them practically powerless.


These are the people who had a relationship with Silas, throughout his life.


Main article: Silas and Qetsiyah

"I loved you" "Yeah well get in line."

Not much is known about their relationship, but according to Atticus Shane they were once best friends. Shane says when Silas was searching for a way to become immortal he got help from his friend Qetsiyah. Apparently Qetsiyah loved him but when she found out that he wanted to turn someone else immortal she killed his lover and buried him alive on The Island with The Cure, hoping he would take it. But knowing that Silas would only take the Cure to reunite with his one true love, Qetsiyah created The Other Side, where Silas would be imprisoned, keeping him from moving on into the afterlife. Silas refused to give her the satisfaction so he remained immortal and trapped for 2,000 years.


Main article: Silas and Amara
Silas and Amara last moment

Silas and Amara

Not much is known about their relationship but his feelings for her is what inspired him to become immortal. Her death is also what's currently motivating him to lose his immortality, so he can join her in the afterlife, but first he must destroy The Other Side to rejoin her. In Original Sin, a short flashback to Ancient Greece revealed Amara is Elena's ancestor, and that Silas was engaged to Qetsiyah, however his true love was Amara. On his supposed wedding night to Qetsiyah, He stole the immortality elixir she had created for herself and Silas, and made Amara immortal, in order to spend the rest of his life with her. After Qetsiyah found out, she killed Amara in a jealous rage, her death devastating Silas.

Bonnie BennettEdit

Main article: Bonnie and Silas


The relationship between Silas and Bonnie Bennett started after the group's acquisition of the Cure and the subsequent release of Silas who awoke and broke free of his prison after feeding on Jeremy. At first Bonnie was willing to work with Silas, as he was using his psychic powers to influence her mind. Bonnie, unlike Silas, didn't want to destroy The Other Side. Silas, unwilling and/or unmoved by her reasoning, sought to compel her cooperation by threatening her friends and loved ones. When this proved inadequate he escalated his efforts culminating in the murder of Bonnie's father, Rudy Hopkins. Bonnie later avenged her father when she deliberately allows Silas to be sucked into oblivion. (Home)

Stefan SalvatoreEdit

Main article: Silas and Stefan
Stefan Silas

"Hello Me."

Stefan and Silas have rarely interacted with one another, however in the Season 4 finale Graduation (Episode), it is revealed that Stefan is in fact a doppelgänger and descendant of Silas, a line created so that there would be mortal 'Silas' that could die in the place of Silas, who was a true immortal. Silas seems to show a similar animosity to Stefan that Katherine does to Elena, as both of their 'shadow selves' are leading far better lives than them. After Stefan's ancestry was revealed, Silas stabbed him, locked him inside a safe and threw him into the lake. It would be three months until Stefan was found. Stefan eventually killed Silas.

Atticus ShaneEdit

Atticus Shane came to The Island in 2009 to attempt to see his wife again. When Shane cut himself to test the magic at the well he saw his wife Caitlin again, but it was actually an illusion of Silas. Silas told him that if he helped free him, then he can see his wife and son again. This motivated Shane to do the things he has done believing that it was the right thing. When Silas was freed he quickly saved Bonnie, but left Shane to die on the Island.

Niklaus MikaelsonEdit

In Because the Night, after the Expression Triangle is completed Silas pays Klaus a visit. Silas tells Klaus to bring him the Cure and it won't be used on him. Klaus, not wanting his enemies from The Other Side to return, tells Silas no and that he doesn't scare him. Silas says he knows what does and pulls out the White Oak Stake, and asks Klaus if he wants to reconsider. Klaus rushes at Silas just to have Silas appear behind him and stab him with the White Oak Stake and breaking a tip off inside Klaus, leaving him in agonizing pain. Silas walks off saying he'll be in touch. Klaus later "helps" Silas obtain the Cure, delaying Rebekah long enough for Silas to acquire it from Elijah...

Other RelationshipsEdit


Silas appearances in The Vampire Diaries and who he turned into to fool Bonnie and her friends, mostly Stefan which is his "true" form, due to Stefan being his Doppelgänger, and descendant.


Season 4
Season 5


He has been portrayed by more actors than any other character as illusions of other characters. It consists of:


  • Silas is the short form of the Roman or Latin name Silvanus. It was not used as an English name until after the Protestant Reformation. Silvanus is a Roman or Latin name derived from the Latin word "silva" meaning "wood or forest". It also means "woodland dweller" or "forest dweller".
  • Ironically, Silas' name is derived from a forest god, as in the series, he is considered to be the ultimate enemy of nature.
  • Silvanus was the Roman god of forests. This name also appears in the New Testament belonging to one of Saint Paul's companions, also called Silas.
  • Other spellings of the name Silas include Sylas, Siles, Silus, Syles, Sylus, Silous, and Sylous.
  • Other spellings of the name Silvanus include Silvain, Silvano, Silverio, Silvino, Silvio, Sylvanus, Sylvio, Silvaine, Silvaen, Silvaene, Silvayn, Silvayne, Silvius, Silviu, Silvan, and Sylvan. 
  • Silas doesn't seem to have a last name. 


(To Bonnie) "We got to get you home if you're gonna help Silas raise the dead. Well, Silas can't do magic. He was a witch, but after he became immortal, that ended. He can be a witch or a vampire, but never both. That's why I've been teaching you Expression, so you can do his work for him. Using the power of 3 massacres. Each massacre of 12 marks the earth with power, and you can use Expression to tap into that power. I've had 24 people killed-- 12 humans at the Young farm, 12 hybrids. You and I are gonna complete the triangle. Look, there needs to be another massacre, but it's okay. They're gonna come back. It's worth it. Won't you, if it meant you could see Jeremy again, your Grams, everybody you or your friends have ever lost? I think you would".
-- Stand By Me
(To Bonnie) "When Silas was buried by the witch Qetsiyah, she left him with the cure and two choices-- stay immortal and rot or take the cure and eventually die in there of old age. Because, you see, Qetsiyah had already one-upped him. She knew that he wanted to die so that he could find peace, be reunited with his one true love. So she created the Other Side as a purgatory for all supernatural beings, ensuring that if he died, he'd end up there forever. That's where you come in. Because you, as Qetsiyah's descendant, can make the Other Side go away. You can. Yes, you can. All the witches, your ancestors who've been persecuted throughout time, your Grams, Jeremy, they'll all be back. You can do this. You will do this".
-- Stand By Me
(To Bonnie) "Did you tell them? Oh, they're just scared. They're afraid to believe. They were a necessary sacrifice, for the greater good. They've passed on. They've found peace. That's all anyone wants. That's all Silas wants. We'll do this together, you and I. We are the beginning".
-- Stand By Me
Silas: "Okay, come on. Take a deep breath. (Inhales) And five, four..."
Bonnie: "I can't do this."
Silas: "Bonnie, relax okay. Trust me."
Bonnie: "How can I trust you if you can't show me your real face? Don't you think it's a little creepy that you're appearing as my dead Professor?"
Silas: "I told you that I'm Silas. I told you Shane died on the Island. I'm trying to earn your trust."
Silas: "Alright, look. You invited me into your home. Right? Why? Why'd you lie to your friends and tell them everything is fine? Why'd you convince your dad that you needed Professor Shane's help to control your magic? What am I doing here?"
Bonnie: "Your in my head. Your making me see things and, and do things..."
(She gets off the couch and starts walking away but Silas stops her)
Silas: "Hey, now see look I'm strong. But your a Witch. Now I can't force you to do anything that you already want to do. You care about Jeremy, right?"
Bonnie: "I do."
Silas: "Yeah, you're with him, and you promised to protect him. But you failed, and now in order to bring him back..."
Bonnie: "I need to get rid of the Other Side."
Silas: "You are descended from Qetsiyah. One of the most powerful Witches of all time and only you can complete the triangle, and cast the spell."
Bonnie: "Completing the triangle means killing twelve people."
Silas: "Twelve people you can bring back."
Silas: "Bonnie, you can do this. For Jeremy."
- Because the Night
Bonnie: "You want me to kill Witches?"
Silas: "We've been over this. It's temporary, they'll come back."
Bonnie: "What if I'm not strong enough?"
Silas: "You are strong enough. Look, it won't be easy. Once they realize how strong you are they'll channel each other one by one using spirit magic, till they can strip you of Expression. You have to endure them until all twelve are linked, as one."
(Rudy Hopkins enters the house)
Silas: "Listen, your dad's here. We have to convince him."
(Silas gets up and Rudy enters)
Rudy: "Hey, how was the session?"
Silas: (Sighs) "To be honest, not that great. Her meditation isn't really working. Her magic's too strong."
Rudy: "You told me you could help her."
Bonnie: "Dad, it''s not his fault."
Rudy: "Not his fault, he taught you this magic and now he can't control it."
Silas: "Listen, we have an idea."
Rudy: "I'm done listening to your ideas, I want you to get out of my house."
Bonnie: "Dad!"
Silas: "We've just called on the spirits!"
Rudy: "I want you out of my house!"
Bonnie: "Wait!"
(Bonnie's magic goes out of control, causing the living room windows to smash)
Rudy: "What the hell is happening to her?"
Silas: "This happened to my wife. Expression consumed her, she had no control."
Bonnie: (To Rudy) "I need you to call mom. We need Witches...A lot of them."
- Because the Night
Klaus: " I'm sorry mate, don't have it."
Silas: "But you know who does. And the last thing that you want is for that Cure to be used on you, so you bring it to me, and it won't be. You'll get to live."
Klaus: (Snickering) "Yeah, with all of my dead supernatural enemies from the Other Side."
Silas: (Scoffs)
Klaus: "You know, you don't scare me Silas, or Shane, or whoever you are."
Silas: "I think I know what does." (Pulls out White Oak Stake)
Klaus: "Now where did you get that?"
Silas: (chuckles) " Well, let's just say your sister's mind is a little easier to read than yours." (pauses) "So, care to reconsider my offer?"
(Klaus runs at Silas, who disappears. He is than jumped from behind and Silas stabs him with the stake in the back)
Silas: "I missed by an inch, but don't worry. I'm not trying to kill you, not just yet."
(Silas breaks the tip off the stake which remains in Klaus's back)
Silas: "Just a little something to remember me by."
(After patting Klaus' shoulder Silas gets up and walks away)
Silas: "I'll be in touch!"
- Because the Night
(Klaus is in his house's living room, still struggling to get the White Oak Stake out of his back. He even goes to the lengths of attempting to dislocate his arm so he can reach for it. He continues to grunt and groan as Silas, now taking the form of Caroline Forbes, walks in)
Silas: "Klaus, we need to talk." (stops and pretends to act surprised) What happened to you?"
Klaus: (stutters) "Silas. He attacked me."
(Silas walks over to him)
Klaus: "He stabbed me with the White Oak Stake. A piece of it, is still inside me." (Klaus trips but stops his fall by leaning on a grand piano)
Silas: "Klaus, that could kill you."
Klaus: (laughs) "Well, I certainly feel like I'm dying."
(Silas holds Klaus's face in his hands)
Silas: "As much as I'd love to watch you die you still haven't found me that Cure."
Klaus: (screams) "SILAS!" (Klaus pushes Silas off and trips again and falls against a painting display and then to the floor. Silas slowly walks away from him)
Silas: "That's right." (turns around) "Last night I looked like Shane. Today I look like Caroline, and tomorrow, who knows."
Klaus: "Show me your real face."
Silas: "Now why would I do that when I could look like whoever I want you to see?" (Silas walks towards Klaus) "Resist me all you want, Klaus. But until you bring me the Cure, I will bring you nothing but misery." (Silas speeds out of the room with high speed, leaving Klaus looking terrified)
- American Gothic
Bonnie: Silas? I know it's you. My locator spell worked without using any of your possessions.
Silas: Ah, yes. You're finally acknowledging how powerful you are.
Bonnie: You're not Jeremy anymore. Is this the real you? Then tell me why you're hiding.
Silas: Call it Qetsiyah's revenge. When she learned that I didn't love her, she used her magic to ensure no woman could ever love me. It should come as no surprise that now I simply want to die.
Bonnie: And I want you to.
Silas: Even if it means bringing back every dead supernatural being?
Bonnie: Show me your face.
- Pictures of You

"This summer, I have consumed an immeasurable amount of blood and I found myself stronger and stronger everyday and I started to wonder what are the limits to my powers. How many people can I influence? Two? Ten? An entire town square?"
- I Know What You Did Last Summer
Damon: "If I have to hear the word "doppelgänger" one more time, I think I'm gonna actually have to learn how to spell it."
Silas: "You say you don't believe me, and yet you're mind is spinning at the possibility."
Damon: "A, get out of my head; B, I think I'd know if my little brother had an evil twin."
Silas: "Oh, we're not twins. See, when I became truly immortal, nature retaliated by creating a version of me that was kill-able. It's called a shadow self."
Damon: "Well, whatever you are, your plan didn't work. The cure's gone. Now what do you want with Katherine?"
Silas: "I could tell you, but wouldn't be so much more fun if it were a surprise?"
Damon: "You're not getting her."
Silas: "Damon, how well do you know your brother? Do you really think he would leave town for three months without so much as a phone call so you could live happily ever after with the love of his life? Or did you just delude yourself into thinking it would be that easy?"
Damon: "Where's Stefan?"
Silas: "He's suffering, like I suffered. So, call the hunter, bring me Katherine, and then I will tell you where your little brother is."


  • Like his distant relatives, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Silas was in a love triangle. The only difference being that two women were in love with Silas while Stefan and Damon loved the same woman.
  • Silas is the oldest known ancestor of the Salvatore family bloodline.
  • Silas is a distant ancestor of all of the Salvatore men, including Giuseppe, Zachariah, Joseph, Stefan, Damon and Zach. 
  • Ironically, when Silas told Bonnie in The Walking Dead, that she had no idea who he really was while appearing as Stefan, he was in his true form.
  • According to what Shane said, Silas can be considered to be one of the oldest character in the TV series, tied with Amara and Qetsiyah.
  • The Hunter's Mark is related to Silas.
    • Silas is present in the Hunter's Mark. The image before the five swords at the end of the mark, a creature appears (demon/vampire) between rocks and roots.
  • Silas is the third character that has a chapter named after them:
  • For a time it was thought that Silas' Headstone is one of the keys required to free him.
    • This was later deemed to be false as Atticus Shane gave the headstone to the witch Massak, who helped him as a trade.
    • It must be important for some other reason, because Katherine stole it with The Cure, or she stole it for possible leverage somewhere down the road.
    • In She's Come Undone, it is revealed to be a power source by Bonnie, as it contains Qetsiyah's blood within it.
    • It is, however, possible that the headstone was intended to be a power source for the witch who attempts opening Silas' tomb; of course, Bonnie could do so without it because she had practiced Expression.
  • According to Rebekah, Silas is a fairy tale character to scare children if they do not want to obey their parents.
    • This refers to the Boogeyman, an ancient evil being, which has no specific physical form, and often causes great terror among children. Sometimes, Boogeyman can be classified as a serial killer, or the devil itself.
  • Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah are the oldest characters in the TV series so far.
    • Unlike the TV Series, in the novels there are a lot of characters over 2000 years old.
  • Silas has had his own cult over the centuries that worshiped him, calling him the bringer of the end of times 
  • Silas face is covered by what is presumably an iron mask which could be a reference to the 1998 film The Man in the Iron Mask where King Louis XIV of France twin brother is forced to wear a iron mask to conceal his resemblance to the king.
  • The mask that covered Silas' face seems to have changed in design between Down the Rabbit Hole and Stand By Me. In it's first appearance it had a long rectangular shape running down from the middle of the mask's forehead to the nose. However when Rebekah looks at it in the next episode that feature is gone. This may be because of a second part to the mask such as the back, and the missing piece connects the two.
  • He has been desiccated longer than anyone in the series; in fact desiccated for longer than the existence of the Originals.
  • Silas' first on screen kill was Jeremy Gilbert.
  • Silas is the main antagonist of Season Four, similar to Esther in Season Three, and Klaus from Season 2.
  • Silas is similar to Finn, as both are vampires created by the immortality spell, both are deeply in love with their respective lovers, and both have a death wish so strong, they are willing to take many other beings down with them.
  • He is the first character to take a shape of somebody with different sex than him, although using illusions.
  • A glimpse of his real face is shown in Pictures of You, She's Come Undone, and The Walking Dead.
  • He is invulnerable to any weapon, aside from The Cure.
  • While the Originals can be killed by the White Oak Stake, from the source of their immortality, Silas is seemingly truly immortal and invulnerable to any weapon or weakness unless he takes the Cure.
  • Silas' novel counterpart could be Solomon.
  • Silas appears in the TV series before Solomon appeared in the Salvation Series. Perhaps Solomon is based off Silas.
  • In The Walking Dead, Silas tells Bonnie that he "defeated the Hunter's Curse in minutes", implying that he was affected by it, but he was able to easily overcome it.
  • He was the first antagonist to be defeated by Bonnie in a direct confrontation, however it should be noted that he was caught by surprise.
  • Silas is the first in the series to have all the powers possessed by the characters from the Novels possessing the powers of telepathy, mind control without eye contact, and psychic illusions.
  • Silas is the first supernatural character in the series whose mind control abilities aren't hindered by vervain.
  • Stefan is Silas' doppelgänger, made to be a version of Silas that could die since Silas had cheated death by becoming immortal. Stefan was used to weaken Silas by Qetsiyah, linking their minds and frying Stefan's conscious mind to neutralize Silas' psychic powers.
  • Unbeknownst to everyone, he assumed his true form in Pictures of You and in The Walking Dead.
  • Silas is the Original Immortal.
  • Silas may have no fangs when feeding as his eyes never went red when feeding on Jeremy, and he cut the wrists of the hospital patients he fed on.
    • In a Season Four deleted scene, Silas, as a male nurse, used a razor to cut Stefan's neck before feeding which can back this up further. In I Know What You Did Last Summer he is shown using a knife to access Sheriff Forbes' blood to feed which confirms this further.
  • Silas can be considered the most dangerous of the immortal beings.
  • Silas mentioned he had a "soft spot" for brunettes, hinting his lover was brunette. As it turns out, in Original Sin, his lover was revealed to be Amara, the first version of Elena.
  • Silas can speak Polish.
  • Although it is confirmed that Qetsiyah's native tongue as a witch is Aramaic, it is possible that Silas' native tongue was Latin. 
  • As a result of Qetsiyah's spell, he has lost his psychic powers which included his telepathy, illusions, mind control, and psychic pain illusions, etc. However if Stefan is temporarily killed, he regains his powers until Stefan is revived.
  • Silas' one true love, Amara, was the original version of what became the Petrova doppelgängers, as he was the original version of the Salvatore doppelgängers. Their love story seems to replay itself when they are reborn century after century, according to Qetsiyah.
    • It is revealed by Markos that this is because he cast a spell to draw the doppelgangers together through fate and true love in order to find them and keep track of them for his plans.
  • Though Silas is a Latin name, his backstory has shown him to have lived in Greece. However, Greece was part of the Roman Empire during Silas' lifetime.
  • Silas, Nadia and Katherine are the only characters known to speak a language different from English and Latin.
  • Silas was a witch again after being force-fed the cure.
  • Silas loves Amara so much that he hates looking at both Katerina and Elena (Amara's doppelgänger or shadow selves) as he sees them as freaky carbon copies of his one true love. Silas even said that Katerina may have been the identical spitting image of Amara physically, but the mere thought of Katerina repulsed Silas.
    • Silas has an antagonistic relation with Katerina, but he never tried to hurt Elena. Even shooting a crossbow to her, he didn't want to hit in her heart.
  • He is the second vampire to be cured of his vampirism and is technically the longest lived human at 2000 years old.
  • Silas has the lowest count of episode appearances of all main male characters.
  • He and Vicki were killed in the 7th episode of their season as main characters, also both were killed by Stefan Salvatore.
  • In 4th episode of season two in Katerina's retrospection, Stefan says looking at her: "All I see is an angel." In 3rd episode of season five in Qetsyiah retrospection, Silas says the same words looking at Amara.
  • Silas is the last person to cross over to the Other Side through Amara.
  • Silas has never interacted with Tyler Lockwood.
    • Also he never disguises himself as Tyler or Bonnie. 
  • Silas calls Damon "his distant nephew", implying that Silas did have a sibling or siblings.
  • After Tom Avery's death, all of Silas' human doppelgängers are now dead, with Stefan, a vampire, being the last one on earth.
  • Unlike regular Vampires, Silas seemingly does not have heightened emotions, but is still as ruthless by killing the Mayor, laughing about it, and putting the world in jeopardy with his plans.
  • Silas was not undead as an immortal, as he never died and awoke in transition. He could still desiccate as he could not die without consuming blood.
  • Silas is no longer on the Other Side after being sucked into the darkness in the sky.
  • Like Shane's prophecy of Silas, he did help raise the dead before being ripped in to oblivion, teaching Bonnie the Traveler Resurrection Spell to teach Liv.
  • Ironically, when he was immortal he wanted to die but when he became mortal again and died, being stuck on the Other Side, he manipulated Bonnie to bring him back to life in order for her to learn the spell to bring her friends back.
  • Personality wise, Silas and Stefan were opposites. Stefan felt much compassion and grief over peoples lives in general when not a Ripper, however Silas enjoyed killing many people as an immortal and a witch, both species not having the humanity switch like a vampire does, proving Silas indeed felt emotion but just did not care for anyone's life. He even stated once he would be resurrected that he would kill many like the plague Bonnie accused Silas of being.
    • As a Ripper Stefan enjoyed killing and tormenting people like Silas, and they both had an epic love with their true loves Amara and Elena, turning in to caring and nice individuals around them.
  • Silas' statement to Stefan of never dying and doesn't know what death means is similar to Klaus' statement to Elena from the novels about never to have died to become a vampire.



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