Kim (4x08)
Biographical Information
Born: 20th century
Turned: By Klaus in 2010
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Werewolf (Originally/Triggered)
Hybrid (Niklaus' Bloodline) (Formerly)
Ghost (Currently)
Gender: Female
Family Members:
  • Unknown
Supernatural Information
Significant Kills:
  • Unknown (first kill)
Cause of Death: Unknown (as a werewolf)
Decapitated (as a hybrid)
Killed by: Klaus (both times)
Show Information
Portrayed by: Alyssa Diaz
First appearance: "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes"
Latest appearance: "O Come, All Ye Faithful"
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He doesn't have to do anything. Isn't that the point of breaking the sire bond -- free will?

Kimberley "Kim" was a werewolf who was turned into a hybrid by Klaus. She first appeared in the sixth episode of the fourth season and in the episode afterwards, she was able to break the sire bond with the help of Hayley. She was killed by Klaus, who decapitated her.

Throughout The SeriesEdit

Season FourEdit

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Kimberley is first shown at the Lockwood Mansion with Hayley, Chris, Adrian and Tyler. When Klaus came there, she left with him along with Chris and Adrian. Later, Chris comes to her and Adrian guarding the door to Elena. Chris tells them Klaus wants them to go to Tyler's, when Kimberley questions why Chris lies saying it has to do with Caroline.

File:Tumblr meexk15TTO1rtek7ho10 1280.png
In My Brother’s Keeper, Hayley and Tyler help Kimberley break the sire bond by locking her up with chains inside an abandoned farm. Kimberley asks why she has to break every bone over and over again in order to break the sire bond. Then Hayley explains since Klaus released her from the pain in turning, she has to turn until she doesn't feel pain. But when Kimberley asks Hayley what is the benefit for her by helping, Hayley doesn't answer. Later, when Kimberly asks Tyler whether it's over he says it's over and one step closer to ending it. This means Kimberley has broken the sire bond.

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, she challenges Tyler's position as alpha, but at the end of the episode she is put in her place by Tyler, proving he is capable of being the leader of the pack.

File:Kim is killed.png
In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Kimberley was first seen in the Lockwood Cellar with Tyler and Adrian and later with Hayley plotting how to take him down. She was later seen in the forest waiting for the witch to come, but instead Klaus appears and rips Adrian's heart out in front of her, leaving her shocked. Klaus killed all the hybrids, and she managed to get away from the forest and go to the Lockwood Cellar, but Klaus heard her. He asked her where Tyler was, and when she said that she didn't know, he decapitated her.


Kimberly had a moody attitude and doesn't like to be told what to do, making her very independent. She even attempted to challenge Tyler by picking a fight with him and his friends and even trying to become the alpha of the pack.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kimberly had a mane of thick black hair and dark mysterious brown eyes. She had a slim and athletic physique with olive toned skin. During her transformation into a wolf her eyes with turn golden and her teeth will lengthen into canines.


Season 4


The meaning of the name Kimberley is "Cyneburg's field."


  • She broke her sire bond to Klaus.
    • She is the first hybrid to break her sire bond on-screen.
  • She is the second successful female hybrid to appear in the series, with the first being Mindy.
  • Kimberley was the last of the twelve hybrids killed by Niklaus.
  • Since The Other Side is gone, she most likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion.


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