My duty is to Klaus. The new order.
— Greta to Elena in The Sun Also Rises

Greta Martin was a witch and the daughter of Jonas Martin and sister of Luka Martin. As a witch, she was allegedly kidnapped by Klaus and forced into finding another way to break the Sun and Moon Curse without using a Petrova doppelgänger. However, it seems as though her allegiance to Klaus was more intentional than obligated. She performs the sacrifice and feeds Jenna her blood to complete the transition and was later killed by Damon Salvatore.

Greta was a member of the Martin Family.

Season TwoEdit


Greta is killed by Damon Salvatore

Greta is first seen entering Alaric's apartment seemingly happy to see "Klaus". Later that night, with the help of a warlock named Maddox, Greta cast a spell that transported Klaus's spirit from Alaric's body back into his own.

Greta teams up with Maddox to capture Caroline, Tyler, and Jules. She later assists Elena to the field where she successfully performs a spell to sacrifice Jules, Jenna, and also Elena.

After the sacrifice is completed, Bonnie begins chanting a spell to kill Klaus. Before Greta could stop her, Damon creeps behind her, and breaks her neck.


  • Klaus and Greta (Allies)
  • Damon and Greta (Enemies)
  • Greta and Maddox (Allies)
  • Jonas and Greta (Father and daughter/Enemies)
  • Luka and Greta (Siblings/Enemies)


Greta is of German origin. Short form of Margaret (Greek) "pearl".


Season 2


  • Greta has some notable similarities with Cristian Sulez from the Vampire Diaries books, being taken from their respective families by Klaus.
  • She and her brother Luka were both killed by Damon.
  • She is Damon's last kill in Season 2.
  • Greta is the only person Jenna bit or tried to feed on.
  • Greta never shared a scene with her father Jonas and brother Luka, it was because they were already dead when she was introduced.
  • She most likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion when The Other Side collapsed.


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