I say... let's get both.
— Brady to Jules on Tyler and revenge in Daddy Issues

Brady was in a relationship with Jules, an old friend of Mason Lockwood and also a werewolf. After the disappearance of Mason, Brady and his wolf pack traveled to Mystic Falls to avenge his death. He tortures Caroline. He heads to the lake house with Tyler to capture Elena so they could lift the curse, but soon was killed by Stefan.

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Season TwoEdit

It is revealed that he is Jules' boyfriend. He helped her kidnap Caroline and tortured her with wooden bullets and a water gun filled with vervain water. Jules told him she only wanted Tyler, so Brady suggested getting both Tyler and revenge on the Salvatore brothers for killing Mason. Jules called Stefan letting him know that Caroline would be killed in 20 minutes if he didn't bring Tyler to them. Then she called out their werewolf friends to ambush and kill the brothers. Both Damon and Stefan fought Brady and the others and were almost defeated by the werewolves, but Jonas intervened and saved them on Elijah's behalf.


Brady is killed by Stefan Salvatore

He learns that the Petrova Doppelgänger is in Mystic Falls and goes to get her with Tyler. At the lake house, he shoots Stefan with wooden bullets and gives the gun to Tyler as he goes after Elena. He chased Elena and she defended herself by stabbing him with a knife and taking off her jumper to fool him into following her scent there. As he chased her outside, Stefan intercepts him and rips his heart out.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Him and Jules the first characters to be seen with a werewolf-werewolf romantic relationship.
  • Since The Other Side is gone, he more than likely found peace or was sucked into oblivion.
  • Brady is the second werewolf to be killed by a vampire. (The first being Mason Lockwood who was killed by Damon Salvatore)


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