"A Few Good Men"
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Season One
Season 01, Episode 15
Episode Information
Premiere date: March 25, 2010
Written by: Brian Young
Directed by: Joshua Butler
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A Few Good Men is the fifteenth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and the fifteenth episode of the series.


MOTHERS, BACHELORS AND BLOODMatt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt’s mother Kelly. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon’s new attitude. Damon is asked by Sheriff Forbes to take part in a fund-raising bachelor auction. Alaric discovers shocking secrets from his own past. With help from Jenna and Stefan, Elena is determined to find out everything she can about her birth mother, but the truth may be more than she can handle.



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  • Antagonist: Isobel Flemming.
  • Isobel's cellphone number is shown: 919-399-2507.
  • Alaric learns from Jenna that Elena is his wife Isobel's daughter, thus Elena is his step-daughter.
  • Elena learns that Damon killed her birth mother Isobel and turned her into a vampire.
  • Elena hears her birth mother Isobel's voice for the first time over the phone.
  • The Gilbert Ring's abilities are first seen in this episode as Alaric was resurrected by the ring after Damon kills him.
  • This is the first episode of the third chapter of Season One, The Lineage Chapter.

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  • File:1x15-KellyMattVicki.jpg
    Jeremy does not appear in this episode.
    • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Jeremy. It is the only episode of the first season without him, thus, after the main three, his character appeared in the most episodes during a single season.
    • It is also the only episode which Anna appears in but Jeremy does not. 
  • Tyler and Bonnie do not appear in this episode either.
  • This episode features the most mothers of the main characters: Elena, Caroline, Tyler and Matt's moms are all featured.
  • This is the first appearance of Alaric Saltzman as a series regular.
  • Kayla Ewell makes a cameo in this episode as Vicki. A photo of her, Zach Roerig and Melinda Clarke, which was most likely taken just for this episode, can be seen on the fridge when Matt gets ice for Kelly.

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  • This episode had about 3.33 million viewers in USA which was 0.18 million less than the previous episode.


Harper: "Do you know what day it is?"
Hiker: "It's Saturday."
Harper: "And what year?"
Hiker: "...It's 2010."
Jenna: "Listen, there's something else. Mr. Saltzman... Rick... His wife was from around here and her name was also Isobel."
Elena: "Wait... "was," as in."
Jenna: "She died."
Damon: "No... Buzzkill Bob. Greetings."
Stefan: "Can we talk?"
Damon: "Yeah."
Stefan: "Without the TriDelts?"
Kelly Donovan (Matt's with Caroline on couch): "Oh god, not on my couch."
Matt: "Mom... Hey."
Elena: "When was the last time you saw her?"
Trudie Peterson: "About 17 years ago, when she left to go have you. We kept in touch for a while, but you know people drift apart."
Matt: "So, where have you been?"
Kelly Donovan: "Here and there, never one place too long—you know Pete."
Matt: "No actually, I don't because you've never brought him around."
Stefan: "I asked Damon without saying too much. He doesn't remember."
Alaric: "Ask him again."
Stefan: "Damon is not stable right now."
Alaric: "You know he murdered my wife, or at the very least made a meal out of her. When has he been stable?"
Sheriff Forbes: "Oh, come on help me out. Carol Lockwood won't let me live it down if I come empty-handed."
Damon: "You know—a room full of women clamoring to win a date with me? Sounds tasty."
Elena: "He's fine."
Stefan: "He's Damon."
Elena: "Maybe this heartache will be good for him, it will remind him that he has one, even if it doesn't beat."
Carol Lockwood: "Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to travel?"
Damon: "Oh yeah. L.A., New York—a couple of years ago I was in North Carolina, near the Duke campus actually. I think—I think Alaric went to school there, didn't you Rick? Yeah, except I know your wife did. I had a drink with her once. She was—she was a great girl. Did I ever tell you that? Cause she was—delicious. Mmm, mmm, mmm."
Damon: "This is a shame. We're kindred spirits bitten by the women we love. Unrequited love sucks. Sounds like I got a lung, which means I get to sit here and watch you die."


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